School Advisory Council (SAC) Meetings

Google Meet Code: JFKSACSY21
For Monthly Online SAC Meetings
Our attendance is requested at the school and a quorum must be convened. Please see policy 1.09 for updates on information. All voting members must be in attendance.  

School Advisory Committee (SAC) Operations and Procedures - Policy 1.09  

The Governor has not extended the component of the Executive Order allowing virtual meetings for local government bodies - this includes all SAC meetings. Per School Board Policy 1.09 - interactive technology can be used for the meeting "as long as a quorum of advisory committee members are physically present at the meeting." 


Please follow the criteria below when hosting SAC Meetings: 

  • The SAC meeting cannot be referred to or called a virtual meeting. It is an in-person meeting where some members may be able to participate virtually to reduce the number of persons present.
  • A quorum of voting SAC members needs to be physically present at the meeting. Once the quorum is physically present at the meeting, the body of SAC must determine and vote if the pandemic is an extraordinary circumstance allowing other voting members to appear virtually, participate, and be able to vote. That should be stated in the minutes.
  • Notice of the meeting must be given as done in the past (website, posted at the school, sent to Communications to provide media, etc.).
  • The Notice would have to show how the public can access virtually (if you want to still provide that option to ease social distancing but the technology needs to be monitored that it is operating properly) but must also state they can appear in person with the room and address.
  • You can also have public access virtually but must allow the public to attend in person if they meet the visitor health safety protocols, which can be found at